En smakebit på søndag: Elegy for Eddie

Våfflor, läsning, promenader, tv-serier är lite av det som stått på agendan denna helg. Smakbiten som serveras lite senare än vanligt kommer från den nionde boken i serien om Maisie Dobbs: Elegy for Eddie av Jacqueline Winspear. En lista på böckerna, i ordning, finns här. Mer info om Elegy for Eddie här.


We`ve come about Eddie. Remember Eddie Pettit?”

Maisie nodded. ”Of course I remember Eddie. I haven´t seen him or Maudie for a few years, since I lived in Lambeth.” She paused. ”What´s wrong, Jesse? What about Eddie?”

”He´s dead, Miss -I mean , Maisie. He´s gone.”

Maisie felt the colour drain from her face. ”How? Was he ill?”

The men looked at each other, and Jesse was about to answer her question when he shook his head and pressed a handkerchief to his eyes. Archie Smith spoke up in his place.

”He weren´t ill. He was killed at the paper factory, Bookhams.” Smith folded his flat cap in half and ran his fingers along the crease. When he looked up, he could barely continue. ”It weren´t no accident, either, Maisie. We reckon it was deliberate. Someone wanted to get rid of him. No two ways about it.” (s. 19-20)

Fler smakbitar finns hos Mari och Flukten fra virkeligheten.

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