Söndagens smakbit: Black summer

Söndag och som vanligt kan en dela med sig av en smakbit från boken som läses.

Jag har flyt när det gäller läsning på engelska eller lyssning för den som vill, har som utmaning att läsa minst fem böcker om året och har redan gjort det i år. Mycket tack vare att jag lyssnar en hel del på engelska. Nu håller jag på med Black summer av M.W. Craven som är den andra delen i serien med Washington Poe och Tilly Bradshaw (Brännaren-serien). Smakbiten är från de första raderna i ljudboken.

My body is eating itself. I can’t stop it. I’m too week to move. My muscles has been broken down into the amino acids, my body needs to stay alive. My joints stiffened and ache as they no longer being lubricated. My feet and hands stings with pins and needles as the blood vessels under my skin contract to protect my major organs. My teeth loosen as my gums shrink.

The end is close. I can feel it. My breeding is rapid and shallow, I feel dizzy. For the first time in days I want to go to sleep, a sleep from which I will never wake. I’m not angry any more. I was at first. For days I screamed and shouted at the unfairness of it all. That just when I was about to make my mark everything was taken away from me by the man with the eyes of a shark. I have accepted it now, it’s my fault after all. I came down here voluntarily eager to show off what I found. I should have known that he didn’t care about that. My discovery wasn’t what he was interested in. He only cared about the other thing.

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