Bok på bevakning

I augusti kommer Fear the Darkness av Becky Masterman som storpocket. Jag gillade Rage Against the Dying som är den första boken om den f d FBI-agenten Brigid Quinn 50+ och tänkt att jag skulle lyssna på uppföljaren. Men jag har lyssnat lite på inläsningen och bestämt mig för att det får bli vanliga boken. Så nu har jag storpocketen på bevakning.


Så här står det om Fear of the Darkness på Adlibris:

Brigid Quinn has been shot at, stabbed in the spleen with a nail file and used as serial-killer bait. But she’s always been able to trust her instincts and her FBI-training to help her out of danger. Now, retired from the Bureau and investigating the tragic death of a neighbour’s teenage son, Brigid starts to suffer unexplained bouts of paranoia, hallucination and memory loss. And for the first time in her life, she feels vulnerable. But with a mass poisoning at the church, a dead man found in town and a grieving family convinced their son’s death wasn’t an accident, Brigid needs to put the pieces together – fast. Because evil has entered her life once more, and it’s much closer than she thinks …